Meg Rush

So . . . Meg is adorable. Like really. As she would say, and as I am now copying from her, I'm obsessed with her. The completely unique thing about Meg is that every time one learns something new about her it is never what one would have guessed previously. I will entail here:

Item #1: Meg is smart. Really smart. Not that I didn't think she would be smart, but like, um . . . well, I mean I just thought like she would be one of those really cute, nice girls that doesn't . . . exactly, um, know a whole lot? Oh dear, that sounds not the way I want it to. She's really smart! Like knows all sorts of things of crazy things and thinks really deeply and not just in a pretending cheesy type of way, but really. She's really smart. I hope that didn't come across rude--it's full of admiration.

Item #2: Meg loves EVERYONE. It's not just a facade, she really really truly cares and has concern for every human being which has ever set foot upon the earth. I do not know how she doesn't tire from caring and loving so hard.

Item #3: Which brings me to my next point--Meg loves hard. Not-let-go-hang-around-your-leg-while-you-try-to-leave-and-then-will-jump-a-plane-to-China-because-you-need-her-to-give-you-a-hug-and-balloon-animal-without-any-questions-asked kind of hard. It's fabulous. I'm in love with it.

Item #4: Meg loves to color. Any and all Disney princesses, animated cartoons, and / or mythical creatures. Namely unicorns, I imagine. And butterflies. It's great to watch. It's like a kid with their first art set at Christmas, but really its just Meg with a 3 year-old set of Crayola crayons and those smelly markers and sparkly gel pens everyone was obsessed with in the 90's. That Meg I think deep down inside never really got over.

Item #5: Meg makes lovey eyes at me when no one else will.

Item #6: Meg hugs me when no one else will.

Item #7: Meg cuddles with me when no one else will.

Item #8: Meg holds my hand when no one else will. And any other time.

Item #9: Meg and I share a deep and profound love of literature and the written word. She's a lyric obsessor / Thoreau style sort of poet; I'm a Shakespeare sonnet admirer and Greek play memorizer. Who knew we could fall in love? :)

Item #10: Meg loves me. And I never have to question it.

Item #11: We're both blondes at heart.

Item #12: Meg reminds me why I love to watch the clouds move. You might not get it; but I do.

Item #13: Meg moves like a lemur.

Item #14: And walks like an ostrich. But in an adorable, beautiful, sort of graceful way. It's great.

Item #15: Meg loves me. And I never have to question it.

And that makes me love her.

Forge of the Frostings: A Tragic Tale

So, my roommates and I discovered something incredible. INCREDIBLE. But first we will need some past explanation.
I will admit that I have always been an individual which shamefully and disgustingly, but deliciously, has enjoyed a spoonfull of frosting from time to time. It's a part of who I am and I've always been told not to hide my light under a bushel or, um, bushels under a lamp or is it the ferret on top of the sunbeam--well, that parts not important. Well, I realize there are others out there like me, suffering from the same passion, they may try to hide themselves, some of you, even, but late at night when you're all alone, and the half-empty carton of frosting left over from the last round of cupcake-making is sitting in the fridge, simply, innocently tantalizing you with its mere existence . . . we all know who wins that battle.
So, at some point in the year I found out that my recent roommates suffered from the same disease. . . the same curse . . . the same passion. I first realized when the carton of frosting I had purchased to decorate a birthday cake ever so slowly began to dissipate, one spoon scrape lower than the last time I looked at it. We all finally embraced our fate and experimented with different flavors of frosting, always having available a little carton of magic to give a moment of joy. It was in our search for the perfect frosting that we found something marvelous. Rainbow Chip frosting. That was the answer. Inside the virtually plain vanilla frosting there are little morsels of multi-colored white chocolate delight. And the combination creates an experience few could adequately describe.
Well, this last week as all the most frequent tenants of Ventana Student Housing have been preparing to move out there have been exchanges, give aways and take aways of many items tossed away by one man and wanted by another. One such item was a carton of this frosting. I, being the sly trader I am, quickly snatched it away before any others had a chance. As an apartment we decided we would eat it together our last night. Sweet moment. Relive the memories. However, to my great disappointment of this much-anticipated moment, we all went out to dinner together and when we returned home after a movie, were all still full. It was not the appropriate time to enjoy our treat. Yet the passion inside my heart burned on. The following day we moved out completely and said our goodbyes. Tender moment, swiped away tear, so on and so forth, I returned to the home of my parents in Orem, UT and continue my day.
And yet, as I unload this box and put away that knickknack, I knew that night the rainbow chips would be mine at last. Finally, it's 11:00 and all has finally gotten quiet in the house. Others are off in their rooms sleeping or reading . . . and all alone we are, the rainbow chips and myself. Ever so gently I lift the lid and remove the cunning, shining piece of hygienic aluminum foil. Slowly my hand slides to the silverware drawer and slips out a spoon. I inspect my specimen. Innocent whiteness. Oh coy rainbow chip. I dig the spoon deep into the vat and slide the concoction over my lips. . . sweetness, simplicity . . . I know the moment of truth will come any moment, just one little morsel of decadency . . . alas, nothing. I try again--another lick . . . to no avail. No rainbow chip. Where are the rainbow chips?! I look to the treacherous, vile cannister of masked lust--funfetti!?!? NOT the same as rainbow chip?!?! That's when I knew there would be no rainbow chip for me tonight. Here are the two brands of frosting. Please . . . tell me if you see the difference. Because I still don't!!!

Tags--A Bittersweet Experience

There was this one time that my sister tagged me with one of those, "You must do this or you die or have bad luck for 19 years or whatev" things . . . and I forgot. I really can't stand them 97% of the time. But, as ridiculous as it is, I recognize my own self and how I am ever so slightly superstitious so I guess I must do this. And . . . I kinda like it. Let's face it--it's an opportunity to talk about myself. More. How could I not love that? :)

A-Attached or single? Single and kinda loving it! Well . . . most days.

B-Best Friend? This is tricky because I feel like it's healthy, appropriate, and normal to have a lot of "best friends" in a lot of different areas of my life, ya know? Off of the top of my head, the group of people I put in my "best friend" category include: Kim Kitto, Angie Graham, Emily Peterson, Justin Benson, Wyatt Felt, Landon Welch, Cooper Howell, Meg Rush, Margaret Huntington, Jake Porter, and then I'd say there's an adequate number of further best friends which are a part of those groups. . . Make sense? Oh I hope I didn't forget or offend anyone that means a lot to me.

C-Cake or pie? Cake. Definitely cake. I only like pie for the filling . . . which means I normally don't eat the crust . . .which means that essentially, I just like pudding.

D-Day of Choice? Intriguing. Well, I'm not going to say any weekend day--those are obvious favorites of everyone. Um, tuesdays? They just seem to go well for me most of the time.

E-Essential item? Deoderant. And if I could have a second, toothpaste. Emitting good smells is the ongoing battle / goal of my life.

F-Favorite color? Yellow. Or sky blue. Or lime green. Or all three together.

G-Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms.

H-Hometown? Lindon, technically. But if I'm speaking to someone from a foreign Utah place, I say Orem. No one knows what Lindon is. Foreign US place, I say Provo. . . surprisingly most people know it. And foreign country place, Salt Lake.

I-Indulgence? It changes. Currently, McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfaits, shamefully. I hate McDonald's, but there's just something about those little cups!

J-January or July? Depends on my mood.

K-Kids? O boy--NOT yet!

L-Life is incomplete without: laughter.

M-Marriage date: Did no one give you the memo that I'm EIGHTEEN!?

N-Number of siblings? 3 . . . er, 4. Brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother.

O-Oranges or apples? Clementines

P-Phobias or Fears: Small heights. More than 10 feet, less than 75. Roughly. I know, I'm a freak.

Q-Quote: "This, above all, to thine own self be true." -Shakespeare

R-Reason to Smile: A brand new day.

S-Ya know, there was no S on your tag, Lindsi!

T-Tag:Meg, Landon, Jack-I'm reiterating Lindsi's. . . I dare ya!

U-Unknown fact about me: . . . unless you've ridden in a car with me. Or watched tv with me. I CAN NOT leave the volume setting in either of these places on an odd number unless it is a multiple of five. So I will set the volume to 24, 25, or 26, but not 27. I can't. It's terrible. I'm such a freak. 25 is acceptable because it is a multiple of five.

V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: I've always wanted to try to be a vegetarian . . . not neccessarily because I believe in it but I'm really interested in conducting an experiment with what that lifestyle is like and the changes it would make to my body. But I've never been able to give up my cheeseburgers!

W-Worst habit: Mine is really similar to my sisters--the volume of my voice. I'll be shouting practically and not even realize it.

X-X-rays or Ultrasounds? Just keep me out of the hospital! I like to be healthy ya crazy!

Y-Your favorite food: Depends on the day. Chile rellenos and pasta are both pretty constant.

Z-Zodiac: Virgo