One of those thingys people ask you to do.

I was tagged in one of those "hey, here's a game to play on your blog" things. The fourth picture of the fourth folder of my "pictures" folder . . . here it is. Of course it's a picture of Scooter. And of course it's ADORABLE. So, I LOVE my nephew. A LOT. He is such an interesting and awesome little person--he's like a miniature sized man these days! He's two and he's definitely always been a big boy, but he is strong and active and curious and fun and playful and mischievous and all the great things a little boy should be. He's quite introverted, content to be in his own world of discovery, and is kind of a mute, but a GENIUS. I swear the kid will be reading in a year. We're working on him talking, but I can't say I'm surprised . . . I think he comes from the thought process of: "So, is my belly full? Yes. Bum clean? Check. Am I tired? Nope. Generally entertained? Enough. Well they obviously all ready get what I need, why talk about it?!" This doesn't surprise me because my dad and brother tend to come from the same school of thought. But anywho, Collin is awesome. And I love him. Fin.
Oh. And I tag Cooper, Landon, Meg, Liz, Margaret, and Emily. Aside from Meg, you ALL need to step up your blog updates game. Come on, team. I'm going to have to start reading like . . .the NEWSPAPER or something if this keeps up. :)

Feeling alone in a full room.

I never understood this saying.

It seems to hit home a lot lately.

Today, I would just like to say that I reformatted my music box . . . and I'm very proud of this week's selection. Listen and enjoy. Consider that your "reading Katie's blog" assignment right now. ;)