Pretense. Pose. Dramedy. Tragedy.
Affectation and Simulation.
I catch myself lining the silver clouds with a tinge of gray,
When really I should be singing in the orange and reds of day!
What a silly, silly girl or boy it is
That cannot sing and dance and skip.
Brooding and wallowing in the dis-
Tant streak. Buck up young chip!
You’ll have your chance—
But in the while, join me in PRANCE
And singing.
Sweet, sweet singing.
Dreamy, earthbound singing.

A New Interest

Yeah. YEAH! I'm SO into stage makeup these days. This class is going to be the hiz-nut. Yep. Hiz-nut. It's the rad new thing I'm spreading--you can make it happen too. I'll make t-shirts to support the cause.

This photograph makes me feel tranquil. And, well, not a lot of things can do that.
I haven't been this scared for a show like . . . ever.