Hare Krishna Festival of Colors!

I'm so happy Adam is making a Zoolander face here.
Cute nose, Sar-bear.
The temple . . . and just a taste of how many people were there.
Yeah . . . we were covered!
Adam and Meg . . . cutie little dancers!
Me . . . after the tumultuous event.

So . . . I went to the Hare Krishna festival of colors. And it was one of the best things I have ever done! It was just joyous and celebratory (Maybe that's not a word, but it fits this) and wonderful! In case you don't know this is what it is: Hare Krishna is roughly a form of Hinduism and there is a temple for this religion in Spanish Fork. It's a really interesting and beautiful building if you haven't seen it, I really suggest you take a trip. They have llama petting and yoga classes at random, almost all the time if you need an excuse. But several times a year they have festivals and this most recent one is called the festival of colors. The festival is intended to welcome springtime and all the colors this time of year brings with it. (Yes, completely ironic that this festival was the day before it snowed :) LOL) Thus, people go and you throw colored chalk at each other. That's the most complex part of the whole thing. It's just all about dancing and singing and joy and love and I think it's fantastic! Definitely as close as cute little Mormon Utah Valley kids can get to hippy celebration and still return home with honor. . . JOKE! Well, kinda. But I just think that it is a completely unique and life-altering experience. I feel good celebrating with these people in something they have strong convictions about. And it was way fun getting covered in chalk! Who am I kidding? All my roommates went along with a couple other people in my apartments and then in my group was Cooper, Landon(See, you did get mentioned! I love you!), Adam, and Meg. It was totally a perfect group. So much fun!

I'd Give It All For You

Watch it. Love it. It will change your life.

I am not kidding when I say that this is the greatest love song ever written. I will sing it with a beautiful man one day--preferably my husband, because that's just dang cute. It just warms my heart on so many levels. That's all. I love it. The insights to my soul it entails abound.

And this particular performance of it is also particularly fabulous. Alison Jiear is one of my great, great idols. And if you don't salivate at the sound of Michael Cormick's voice, I don't care you who are--you don't have a soul. Enjoy.

Landon Cole Welch is a wonderful friend.

Katie's Weird Movie Habits

This was the greatest surprise which ever happened to me. It's not the chick-flicky part of it I love--although it's a plus, but it's how intriguing and interesting and unique the characters are. They're individuals I would love to know personally.
If this one needs explanation, then really I'm completely ashamed of you.
Jane Eyre--the most recent version by BBC. I love the story in all of it's forms anyway; it may be one of my most favorite literary creations. But this film is heart-wrenching and gorgeous and passionate, it's just . . . oh, my heart!
I just rediscovered and was immediately taken back to so many happy places. Try it with your favorite Disney Classics. You won't be disappointed.
Sometimes, all I want is an awesome car chase, some blown up buildings and some sweet gun action. This is one of the most classic fulfillments of that.

So, I have a system when it comes to movies. It's completely pathetic and doesn't make any sense, but it is what it is. Whenever I discover a movie I love, I watch it over and over and over again until it completely takes over every part of my life. It seems as though somewhere deep within my twisted, insane psyche, I can not be content until my latest movie love fulfills all of my senses. Once I have gotten to a point where I sleep, eat, drink, dream, quote, physicalize and whatever else is needed can I finally move on to something else. And not just the content in the movie, but also all the information surrounding the movie: the producers, directors, actors, making of, history of the story, creation, and any number of worthless knowledge I'll never be able to apply to real life. There also is no rhyme or reason to how this happens--it doesn't even have to be a new movie; it doesn't even have to be a movie I have never seen. Sometimes I see ridiculously old movies--a silent, a film noir, a Golden Age musical; movies which everyone else was over one, two, three, five years earlier; or even movies I have seen before but only realize when watching it later how much I really do love it . . . and then the system of obsession begins. It's very freakish. Above are some of my current movie obsessees.

A New Goal!

Kim--the keeper of my heart . . . oh yeah and Justin's in the picture too. (JK, Just!)

He's so sad here . . . but so cute! Ha--this is Sight Unseen; his character was a funny little mute. Just and Emilou chillaxin' in the car one night. Ha--what nerds!

So, in creating a post for my friend Landon, I think it is completely appropriate that I devote blog time to all the people in my life that are really important to me. So that's the next goal I am going to start--be prepared to read about yourselves in the near future on this blog. I really enjoyed doing Landon's and I think it is valuable to write down how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. So, this one is going to be about my best friend Justin Benson.

To describe his physical attributes I'd say Justin is about 5, 10" with warm brown eyes--not dark exactly, but bright like copper and he has a great smile. He says he has crooked teeth; I say his teeth just add charm to his face. As far as what really matters about Justin are the attributes he has which I adore most about him. These would be the top contributors to the great guy he is:

-Justin runs. RUNS . . . for enjoyment. RUNS FOR ENJOYMENT. Yeah, I have a friend who runs. Who thought it would ever happen?

-Justin has a rockin' awesome vocal instrument. Not only does he sing like a Greek god, but he has the most passion I have ever seen in a person for the art. He gives his entire heart into a song when he sings it. Truly his love for music is so moving.

*In a related comment, Justin is also a superior performer in general--sometimes I think it's a darn shame for him not to be an actor professionally because shoot, he's brilliant on stage. Truly one of my mentors in this department. (Although choir directors rock too, bud! Haha)

-Justin is kind to everyone. It seems that this is an overused compliment, but for Justin it couldn't be more true. He has more unconditional love than almost anyone I know.

-I've known Justin since eighth (eigth? eighth? I'm not sure.) grade...and sometimes we talk and move the same way. It's so sad; but I love it. For an example, just ask either of us to dance to hip hop. Our awkward white peopleness is never more apparent.

-A friend of mine made an interesting observation. When I talk about Justin, there are two different people: Justin . . . and Benson. Two different people. Benson is my best friend--he's who I love to laugh with and do dorky things with. Justin . . . is one of the closest people to my heart and he is also one of the most righteous, upstanding, giving individuals I've ever known. Benson is the guy that makes potato people. Justin is the person that bears his testimony just by living. I love them both so very much; I just thought it was a funny objective perspective.

-Next thing I love most about Justin--he really does make potato people. And balloon animals. And sugar cube castles. Where did I find this kid? (Also, I'm sure he's willing to sell some of his artwork if any of you are interested.)

-And the last thing I love most about Justin: his love for the gospel and testimony of our Savior. I can't express how much his influence makes me a better person. That cheesy song from Wicked about "Something has changed within me? Something is not the same?" As pathetic as it is, totally applies to Justin for me. LOL

Love you, Benson!

LCW(You know who you are; you're so needy!)