I Love Africa . . . Well, Everything But the Internet

It's all so new and strange here, but I finally feel like I've found a spot and figured out how I can best assist these people. The internet take a LONG time . . . thus why this is my first post, but I find myself being extremely grateful for the smaller things in life. I truly love the people. They love music and religion a LOT, they are very social and personal--for them the most important thing is not the task at hand but the people involved in that task. It's pretty great, actually. The boda boda rides (motorcycle taxis, basically) are fun and new, the food is good but very plain and simple, I, a curvacious white woman, is a HUGE commodity here and it's funny because that's how Africans like their women. I've never gotten so many whistles in my life. haha But all is well, I miss everybody, and life is good. LOVES!


*So, I think both Margaret and myself are not the best "Hey let's take pictures because I totally always remember my camera!" people. Which is why we don't seem to have any pictures with JUST us. But we are friends! Promise. :)

I miss Margaret keeper-of-all-my-love Huntington more than I can say. It hurts my heart. I forgot about my goal to create more "I love this person and this is why," things so I am hereby reinstating it. And I also remembered that I have forgotten to mention a very special someone in my recent blog creations: Landon Cole Welch, this is me expressing my love so you will continue to read my blog and love me back.

So . . . I love Margie. And this is why:

*She is hilarious and goofy and funny in a way that one would never expect. CRAZY, out-of-control funny.

*She does alien voices that are really addicting. Few and far between people can get me to use alien voices--when she's around, it never stops. That has to mean something.

*Margaret loves so much. She just loves. She shows she cares in her word and her touch. It's subtle but sweet and meaningful. And beautiful.

*I hereby quote Megzy: "Margaret is made of clouds." Translation: I don't know how or why, but Margaret's skin is so soft.

*Margie Wall-E style holds my hand. No one else could possibly understand. Just accept it.

*She is so incredibly talented. Her voice really is dynamite--it's mature but simple and almost a little edgy. Very interesting.

*Margie knows who she is. She knows the plan Father created for us and what that means for her life. She knows of her divine potential and believes in herself to live up to that. The kind of self-assuredness and confidence Margaret has makes her automatically just . . . appealing to people. Naturally individuals are drawn to those that love themselves because subconsciously we all know that means they are the people who best love others.

*Even though she's six hundred miles away, I feel her happiness with me.

I love you, friend. I'm Wall-E style hand holding you right now.

A Recurring Love Affair: My Anti-Drug

This one and another have my tie for favorite. Entitled: "Birthday Gifts"

Those goats. Always up to no good. ;)
Annoyingly well-known, but a goodie.

I think this one is my favorite. I would love to spend eternity in a flowing purple dress while my husband smiles and does all he can to keep my feet on earth.
And the pink house would be ours.

I've been obsessed with Chagall before, but it's been reignited as of late. But I've finally figured out why this reoccurring love affair has had such a place in my life. Chagall's work IS a love affair. I feel that Chagall depicts . . . well, love. Warm, lively, contagious, pure love--the kind of love everyone dreams about, the sort of love that keeps so many movies, books, television shows, and songs continuously earning money and coming back or being rewritten in a different setting, key, or lyric. And even though the love Chagall predicts is this same intangible thing I feel that he has a way of making it tangible. Making it real. It's romantic, but pure; and moving, but touchable. I don't know how else to describe it. His paintings are . . . healing for me. They're . . . warm. Notice the recurring themes of goats--historical symbols of creativity, fertility, verility, sensuality, livelihood, and contagious excitement. Dramatic color dicotomies between cool blues and greens with striking reds, yellow, and oranges. And floating people--as though they were light from love, or "walking on cloud 9." I think it's all fabulous. What a brilliant creator. Fin.