Ugh, I'm Sick

So . . . over the past several it has seemed like everyone has been getting so sick and I have been so happy that it hasn't been passed to me. It seems the common denominator is awful congested coughy cold / fever hot-and-cold body and forehead craziness! I hate it; it makes me a tired, no fun, very sad girl. (And that must be said in this voice: taowed, nau fun, vaiwy sawd goawl.)

So I've Been Thinking . . .

A dangerous pastime? I know. I love theatre. I love it; I do. I love the lights and the stage, the vanity, the drama, the costumes, the expression, how over-the-top everything is, the commentary on life as we know and how real and full of life that is. Bah! (In my head, I'm using a Shakespearean actor voice and making a face something like this.)

Oh, the humanity! Ya know, something like that. I probably should be wearing a beetnik sweater and snapping.

However, with all the love I have for this in my heart, I have to ask myself how realistic it is to imagine doing this forever. I've always been the type that said do what you have a passion for, do what makes you happy--I really believe in that philosophy. But, I have a passion for many things. And I see myself being happy doing a number of things. And, as ridiculous as it is, it is really hard to get a job as a drama teacher in Utah. I'd probably have to leave. Am I ready for that? Just a few short years from now? I don't want to finish a degree and then say, "Woops, just kidding." Don't get me wrong; I don't feel education is ever wasted. But a full-ride, four-year scholarship could be. . . and that terrifies me. Anywho, just thinking. If anyone has helpful thoughts on this topic, feel free to post. Or e-mail me. Either at or my new growed-up e-mail

Landon Cole Welch

Okay; this post is in honor of my friend Landon Cole Welch. As a general understanding we should all know that, yes, I am obsessed with Landon, in a completely non-date, not at all a lets-get-married sort of way. But, yes, I am obsessed with his friendship. However, that is not the primary reason of his post privilege today. The primary reason is because he has clearly indicated that he has no interest in my blog unless it is about him. If he does not feel special, it's not even worth his time. (Yeah, he's a diva.) However, I love him enough that I am willing to satisfy this need that he has. So, here it goes. This is a list of all the things I love most about Landon:

-His family. They're hilarious and sweet and totally make sense with Landon.

-The relationship he has with his mom. They are two of the cutest people to see interact ever.

-His smile. He has the most sincere, pretty smile. It makes me so happy inside.

-His intellect. Sometimes Landon is just straight up surprising with the things he cares about and thinks about. I consider myself to care a good deal about the issues and things going on in the world and sometimes Landon can outshine everything I have to contribute to the topic. It's so cool how with some things he is just smart.

-The way he sees the beauty in everyone. There are times when Landon completely changes the way I view someone or something. He sees attributes in people that so few people can see; often things they don't even see in themselves.

And my number one ultra favorite thing about Landon is!:

-His hair. As vain as it is, he has fabulous hair. If my hair did the things his did I would be the hottest girl at Utah Valley University, no doubt. It fascinates me because even when it is messy and nasty, it still looks okay. His hair has two levels--super cute and not-so-cute but still totally presentable. When it's a mess, it looks like it was that sort of a mess on purpose. Yeah, I know; so great for him . . .irritating for everyone else. :)

I LOVE YOU, LANDONI! Now you are most definitely required to read my blog. Mwah!

Once There Was A Snowman!

So my good friend, Justin Benson, and myself received the inspiration to create a snowman one day. This turned out to be a very exciting endeavor and we chose to name the snowman Mr. Wimbledon. It seemed appropriate as we were building our new friend. The confusion only came when we completed "Mr." Wimbledon and found that perhaps he has more feminine-like features. Thus, we are not sure whether our friend is Mr. or Mrs. Wimbledon, but we liked . . .
er, it, just the same. Justin indicated that perhaps our friend could be both however--perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Wimbledon were married in the temple and are therefore one. I felt that this was an appropriate explanation for our friends' confused identity.

This is Justin and myself with Wimbledon. Notice his festive hat. Wimbledon's, not Justin's. On this particular occassion Justin did not have a hat.
LCW (You know who you are)
It seems to me that Wimbledon looks quite a bit more sullen in this photograph as he stands on his own. He obviously misses the company of Justin and myself.

Oh Justin . . . Justin, Justin, Justin. Tsk, tsk, tsk--what is that face, young man? :)

Oh I get it! It's an effort to mimick Wimbledon's sullen expression and strange lips, yes?!

Robber Bridegroom is over!

Kindof nothing to do with the show at all--just after at Denny's one night, but I think it's one of the funniest photographs of all time. I had to share it!

My favorite girls! Meagan, Meg, Me, Lisa, and Blue (In clockwise order starting on the left)

A whole bunch of us at the set strike.

The girls in their cute little costumes--yipee!

A bunch of us before the show: Meg, Margaret, Landon, Cooper, and me!

Landon Cole Welch

These pictures are of my most recent of excursions, the famous musical extravaganza The Robber Bridegroom--a UVSC Production held at the SCERA Theater. It was a great experience but I do have some things to share on the matter. As for all of you that have not experienced the exciting world of theatrical arts, allow me to update you on one of the ongoing problems with this particular field. For those of you familiar with the routine, I'm sure you will concur with what I have to say. The problem is that theatre is a transient sort of world. One is never with the same people or in the same place very long--and yet, at the same time, one is supposed to experience the deepest and most life-altering and compelling of emotions through this faculty with others at the drop of a hat. The result is that you come to love and care for very deeply people which soon you go from seeing every moment of every day and evening to seeing either a) never again b) rarely or c) if you're very lucky, the next time you do a show together again. Simply, it can be heart breaking! So, that is my most recent dilemma. One which I will experience again and again in my life, but it never makes the process any easier or less frustrating. I still want to see my friends all the time! Haha, but I'm sure that everything will be fine and at least in my current situation, I do still see these great people at school and we'll be in plays together again, but for now, it's really tough! :) Overall, The Robber Bridegroom was a great experience and I really learned a lot about myself as a performer and a new genre of theatre I hadn't tried before . . .so it was good.

All right; I caved.

All righty, I know what ya'll are thinking . . . and no Lindsi, I do not have an impassioned inner desire to be just like you--you're just inspirational in the aspect of blogging, that's all. ;) Joke! No; but really, ya know. But in truth, I'm pretty stoked to try this out--obviously there SHOULD be a website-like thing just for me! I'm freakin' hilarious AND super interesting!