Holy Ravioli!

*Note-I don't really know this kid. I'm not a creepster I just google imagesed "ravioli" and he's what I got--I thought it was hilarious! hahaha
All right, so I just discovered the "Followers" thingy on blogger--um, changed my life!!! So maybe I'm totally technologically illiterate, but seriously . . . no one told me about this. Anyone care to know what my process has been to check others blogs in the past? No joke I go to my own blog and click down the list of connect-ys I have on the side--so irritating. :( Half they time they haven't even updated and I just wasted tons of time or I have all sorts of issues with remembering where I left off, what I've all ready read, thus the re-reading issue and then remembering half way through the post, wasting more time . . . yeah, wrenching. This is MUCH better. In fact, I'm supre stoked about it. So--ya'all want to follow my blog? Cuz there is now a link on your right for it! What what!!! I know. I'm a nerd. But this is WAY important.