Oh the Irony

For eight weeks I've been waiting to hear if I was accepted to the Disney College Program in Disneyland or not. It has been a very frustrating eight weeks as I've felt I had to put all other opportunities on hold. I finally found out I got it. Yipee! I also found out I was cast in Charlotte's Web. This is going to be a very important production for UVU Theatre. There are a lot of factors. Ha how more vague could that sentence be? Regardless, I have decided to stay. I want to be a part of this project. So . . . I chose--Wilbur? Or Mickey? Wilbur.
I resent my mom for teaching me that "the big girl" is who I am.

Not by me. But I was impressed. No title or artist name included when found.

I found a new awesome thing. 9thwardcartoons.com. SO funny.

Just a taste of mucho, mucho hilarity.


Venetian Masquerade Mask by Deviant Fotopete -- 01 11 09

I think this photograph is art. Just completely and totally art. I'd love to have this in my home.

Dennis Hopper, "Double Standard" 1960 Route 66 - Part of the Los Angeles "Bohemian Art" Gallery

Call it nonsense, call it poetry, I call it my thoughts.


A furrowed brow.

Tis the silliest thing I know.

What do I know.

The lengthy man says I should eat more bananas.

Bananas are my favorite food.

Do you know how often I eat bananas? I think.

Entire countries survive on the caloric intake that

I myself partake of bananas in a week's time.

I don't know how I could possibly even attempt at eating more bananas.

Quit being SO stuffy!

Smile, smirk, twinkle your eye . . . something!

It would be great if I could have my own beach.

Nay, my own island.

Enough bananas to sink the Titanic.

A slurpee machine.

The silly cooking game on my laptop everyone makes fun of me for.

That's all I'd need.

I stand corrected.

As it turns out, the Titanic all ready sank.


Also, the beginning of a long line of horrific epic movies produced from Hollywood.

Which, as it turns out, is the greatest force for films in the world.


If the junk Hollywood creates is the best entertainment Earth has to offer,

The world is most definitely hurting for entertainment.

I'm doing that thing again.

That thing when I pretend to be a cynic but really . . .

I'm an optimist.

Posing as a Democrat.

Who is in reality . . . a Libertarian.

But who really cares what the Libertarians have to say?

A bunch of kooks.

So, I continue voting mixed ballot leaning toward blue most of the time,

While pondering how I could never be a Poli Sci major.

Simply because I would have no idea what to pose as when I ran for office.

Because again . . .

Who really cares what the Libertarians have to say?


Well, isn't that ironic.
She's just a little girl.
Ugh, I hate growing up.
I've always hated Peter Pan, but upon second thought, I think he had it right.
I mostly just always found him annoying.
"Fly with me, Wendy! My shadow and green shoes and red feather somehow make me magic!"
I didn't even buy it when I was a little girl.
Which I'm not anymore.
I'm old.
I want to be in Uganda.
The people may smell bad, but things are simpler.
I mean, I like the US and all--we're rich, but . . .
There's SO much world to be in.
I should probably take up painting again.
I think that'd be good for my soul.
Ew, I hate not getting cast in parts that I'm totally perfect for!
All right so the truth comes out.
Really I'm just bitter because I haven't had enough performing in my life.
I hate classes.
They are boring and lame and boring.
I have so much more potential than my current path is allowing me to explore.
THAT is frustrating.
I should be painting in Italy
Or writing in Indonesia
Or singing in Australia
Or basically ANYTHING but going to school in Orem
I'm grateful for good ol' UVU
Don't get me wrong
But seriously . . . I'm bored.
I need a new challenge.
I can't wait for one of these other life options to work out, pan out, something.
But I really can't fail my classes either.
If I were smart I'd be doing homework right now.
Instead of vomiting my thoughts out into cyber space.
Which I'm sure isn't a good idea either.
But . . . here I am. Doing just that.
All right I'll stop.
My life is great.
My life is incredible actually.
Too good to be true even.
But plateauing.
But I know. My future is in my own hands, my own power--it's my job to change my fate.
Okay, I'll work on it.